Valve decided to resurrect Counter-Strike:Source. While porting it on MAC they added some features. One of them is 144 achivements. You can easily get most achivemenys, but some are difficult to achive, but there are some tricks.

First of all. You can’t use “sv_cheats”. This will block achivements.

To get some achivements you can run own server and add some bots.


To get this achivement you should run a dedicated server with several bots on “de_” map. Set “mp_c4timer 5”. Now you can rush a bombplace and set up a bomb. If it’s difficult for you, try to set bot weapons to knives only.

Head Shred Redemption

Run a server with 10 bots, which can use only knives. Now shoot them. If you’ re good shooter, you can get 10 headshoots, while you need only 5.

Kill One, Get One Spree

You should kill person, who killed several players in short period of time. Bots can’t do that.

Cold War

To get this achivement you should run a server with bots on “cs_” map. Set them to use only knives. Now run through map and rescue hostages, without killing enemies.

A World of Pane

Run a sever on “cs_office” map. Don’t add any bots. Now run through a map and shoot windows.

Short Fuse

The idea is same, as Blitzkrieg achivement.


This is hard achivement. When bomb is going to blow, bots start to run away. You should run in front of them near bomb, to keep them trying kill you.

Hip Shot

Kill enemy with an un-zoomed sniper rifle. Magnum is not the only sniper rifle. Try to shoot from D3/AU-1, or Krieg 550.

Akimbo King

Run server with bots, set them to use only pistols. Add them to Terrrorist team. Sometimes they buy Dual Elites.

Spray And Pray

Add 10 bots againd to you. Go to long and narrow place. When couple bots appear throw flashbang in front of you and shoot bots.

Three the Hard Way

Add some bots with knives on server. Run on the map, to make them follow you. Shoot every boot, but don’t kill. Stop with granade in hand. When you die HE explodes, and kill’s bots.

If you need advice about getting achives leave a comment.

All my achivements.

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