After I bought my Archos 9 PCtablet, I wanted to play some games. Atom Z515 isn’t powerfull processor for new games, but good oldschool games perfectly match it. And the coolest allways new game is Fallout 2. But there are some difficulties starting it.


First problem is installing the game. When launching setup.exe on Archos, it fails with error “Error initializing video mode 640×480“. Solution is to install it on another PC, and then copy folder to your Archos PCtablet.

High Resolution Patch

When starting fallout2.exe it show “Error initializing video mode 640×480” again. Download High Resolution Patch and extract to fallout2 folder.

Execute f2_res_patcher.exe, and make changes in f2_res.ini:

Open Windows Resolution Settings and set parametrs to 1024×[email protected].


Unfortunatly fullscreen mode doesn’t support touch-screen correctly, so you’ll need to attach mouse, or train trackpad usage.