Diablo III General Achievements.

Other achievements.

This topic is full of spoilers, beware!



Pick up 10 000 gold

Spare change

Pick up 50 000 gold


Pick up 100 000 gold

Deep Pockets

Pick up 500 000 gold

Staying gold

Pick up 1 000 000 gold

All that glitters

Pick up 5 000 000 gold

Spoils of war

Pick up 10 0000 000 gold

The one percent

Pick up 100 000 000 gold

The Comfort of Strangers

Recruit the Templar, Scoundrel and Enchantress

Breaking not so bad

Use a merchant to repair an item

Armed to the Teeth

Equip all Inventory slots with item that have minimum required level of 25 or higher

Prepared for Battle

Equip all Inventory slots with item that have minimum required level of 60 or higher


The Art of Conversation

Complete the main charecter, follower and artisan conversation achievements

  • Talk is Cheap, Friends are Priceless
  • Now I’ve Heard Everything
  • Dirty Little Secrets

Now I’ve Heard Everything

Complete the main character conversation achievements listed below

  • Stay awhile and listen
  • More than stories
  • Bewitched
  • It’s Just Us

Dirty little secrets

Comlete the follower conversation achievements listed below

  • For The Order
  • Secrets of the ages
  • To catch a thief

Talk is cheap, friends are priceless

Complete the artisan conversation achievements listed below

  • Hassling Headrig
  • Everybody loves Shen

For the order

Listen to all of the Templar’s conversations

To Catch a Thief

Listen to all of the Scoundel’s conversations

Secrets of the Ages

Listen to all of the Enchantress’s conversations

Hassling Haedrig

Listen to all of the Blacksmith’s conversations

The Weary Blacksmith (Act I) – After saving Deckard Cain in Leorick Passage teleport to Tristram, but do not take quest, go to the Blacksmith (he is on the way to celling with his wife)

The Final Goal (Act III) – Start “tremors in the stone”. Talk to the Lieutenant.Talk to Haedrig.

Everybody Loves Shen

Listen to all of the Jeweler’s conversations

Stay Awhile and Listen

Listen to all of the Deckard Cain’s conversations

He is being killed in the middle of the first ACT, so don’t miss conversations.

More Than Stories

Listen to all of the Leah’s conversations

It’s Just Us

Listen to all of the Tyrael’s conversations

Some of the conversations can be heard only when Tyrael is known as stranger.


Listen to all of the Adria’s conversations

This conversations should be listened in acts 2 and 3.

Sales and Tales

Listen to all of the town merchants’ conversations

You need to stend near merchant, until his name is checked in list. That takes about 10 minutes until all speeches are cycled. Googd time to do something usefull in your room.There are total 13 merchants in three acts.


A Guiding Light

Use the Templar as your follower

Me, Myself and Eirena

Use the Enchantress as your follower

Stolen Moments

Use the Scoundrel as your follower

Friends With Benefits

Fully equip one of your followers

Rarely there

Equip a rare (yellow) item

Socket to me

Socket a gem in an item

Bless You

Get the following benefits from shrines

  • Blessed (Reduced damage)
  • Fortune (Increased chance to find Magic/Gold)
  • Enlightened (Gain EXP)
  • Frenzied (Attack and Crit chance increased)

Slice of Life

Use 50 health wells

I Got What You Need

Acquire a Templar relic, an Enchantress focus and a Scoundrel token

Grave Buster

Destroy 50 tombstones

Legends Of The Brawl

Equip a legendary (orange) item

Iced Out

Socket the following gem types

  • Topaz
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Amethyst

Chestmaster 2000

Open 2 000 chests

Born to dye

Dye an item

Rainbow connection

Use the following dyes

Color coordinated

Equip your head, shoulders, torso, legs, feet and hands slots with items dyed the same color

Made it Work

Equip your head, shoulders, torso, legs, feet and hands slots with items dyed in all different colors

Wirt’s Case Scenario

Acquire Wirt’s Cowbell

Girl in second Act sells Wirt’s Cowbell for 100 000 gold

Sets Appeal

Comlete one of the following level 60 unique item sets

  • Immortal King
  • Inna’s Majesty
  • Natalya’s Wrath
  • Tal Rasha’s Wrappings
  • Zunimassa’s Spirit

Space! I love Space!

Buy all stash upgrades

Best Dressed

Equip a socketed item in the following slots

  • Helm
  • Leg
  • Amulet
  • Chest
  • Weapon
  • Ring

Market Research

Meet the following wandering merchants

  • Wandering Tinker
  • Vendel the Armorsmith
  • Kyr the Weapoonsmith
  • Larra
  • Rodger the alchemist
  • Adenah the Curio Vendor
  • Zaven the Alchemist
  • Halmin the Alchemist

Sword for Hire

Earn 50 000 gold from quest rewards


Meet the following ghosts

  • Lucious the Depraved
  • Drury Brown
  • Fecklar’s Ghost
  • The Tomekeeper
  • Dataminer
  • John Gorham Goffin
  • The Archivist

Shut up and take my money

Buy each type of item from merchants