Nginx is lightweight and quick http server. It is usually used as a caching proxy for apache or php-fastci. I prefer using php-fastcgi.

Here is howto, which allows nginx to use static pages, generated by WP Super Cache.

Configuring WordPress

To use nginx+php-fcgi you should install nginx Compatibility. If you use php5 DO NOT activate plugin after installation. Go to plugins list and activate PHP5 version.

To use WP Super Cache files in nginx you should use pretty permalinks.

Of course you should have installed and configured WP Super Cache. I prefer setting high Expiry Time.

Configuring nginx

There is line in the end of the nginx.conf file

This means, that nginx loads every .conf file in /etc/nginx/conf.d/ directory. I suggest creating individual file for each site.

Permanent redirect (301) from WWW to non-WWW

Using WP Super Cache files

This is my config.

That’s all.