Dofollow in Disqus

Dofollow in Disqus

Disqus is nice comments system, but realisation for wordpress does not support dofollow commentators links. There is a nice way to make disqus comments dofollow, without updating troubles.

Creating own comments template

This template is usefull only for search engine crawlers or users without java-script. After Disqus script is runed, it loads comments from own servers, this is usefull when page is cached for a long time.

Rename comments.php from /wp-content/plugins/disqus-comment-system/ to disqus-comments.php and copy it to your theme folder .

Editing disqus-comments

Edit disqus-comments.php from your template folder. Find this text

Change this to

Activating own comments template

Add this code to functions.php in you theme folder.

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  • Good explanation! 
  • Thanks i will try this.
  • Тема уже не актуальна, так как структура кода в плагине DISQUS совершенно иная на данный момент, я установил себе плагин на сайт, все настройки по умолчаннию, но у меня все комментарии индексируются, как на них навесить nofollow, ума не приложу?????
  • Thanks bro!
  • That was really helpful. We\'ll try this out and see if it works.
  • That is helpful. Although it is a bit complicated, I will try that!
  • Everyones looking for the dofollow in disqus because if it\'s done then it will be more beneficial than before.
  • Thanks for the advice, I am going to try that now.
  • Hi admin, I don\'t know how disqus can be profitable for commentator because disquss doesn\'t link to commentator\'s blog.
  • Disqus is good to build new community
  • I can not copy your source code. Do you protect your content?
  • Comment as good as we can give to our reader is more important than dofollow, but every effort need creative situation next time