Add Functions

This is my plugin for inserting php code in wordpress. Usually additional code is inserted to functions.php file in theme folder. Add Functions allows you to insert code through admin menu. Code aditor has code highlightning.


  1. Upload /add-functions/ to your plugins directory
  2. Activate
  3. Open Add Functions administrator menu
  4. Paste your code in editor and click Save


This is part of code from Dofollow in Disqus post.



  • Using eval() to execute code
  • Safety feature to stop executing corrupted code


  • Code highlighting
  • Code execution

Known Issues

There is <?php in the beging and ?> in the end of the editor. Don’t delete them, they are for correct code highlighting.

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  • nice
  • Andrew Kurtis
    Hello, My name is Andrew, I am with WebHostingHub Support. We have found your Add Functions plugin at very interesting and we would like to translate it to Spanish language to help people from Hispanic community. Do I have your permission to do that? I hope I’ll hear from you soon. Andrew Kurtis WebHostingHub Support
  • Sure you can. It\'s published under GPL2 and you can freely modify it.