Battlefield 3: Community Challenge Dogtags

Battlefield 3: Community Challenge Dogtags

7 exclusive dogtags, which will be granted to platform competition winners. Every month new competition is listed in news. When players of certain platform reach this goal, dogtags are granted to every platform player, even if he was not playing.

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Battlefield 3 Executioner DogtagExecutioner Dogtag 

Community should play lots of rounds on Wake Island. Due to some bugs all platforms got this dogtag, while only PS3 player played enough rounds.


Battlefield 3 Death Dealer DogtagDeath Dealer Dogtag 

Reach 2 million kills from the air. All platforms achieved this competition.


Battlefield 3 Trolling DogtagTrolling Dogtag 

Common challenge for all platforms. Players should capture 6 660 000 bases in Conquest game mode on Armored Kill maps.


Battlefield 3 Dogtag Good RiddanceGood Riddance 

December challenge. Capture 100 million bases.




Battlefield 3 Dogtag Party pooperParty pooper 

Reach 10 billion in team score

  • Revives
  • Savior kills
  • Heals
  • Ammo resupplies
  • Spot assists
  • Squad attack orders
  • Squad defend orders
  • Repairs


Battlefield 3 Dogtag Birds of PreyBirds of Prey 

Arm (and/or disarm) one million M-COM stations from 16 Feb through 17 Feb.



Battlefield 3 Dogtag Always a noobAlways a noob 

Players should earn 200,000,000,000 XP.

Earlier there was another dog tag, but before challenge DICE changed it.

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